Room 11 (Year 2 - 5)


Whaea Paula & Whaea Sharleen

Welcome to Room 11 where we have students from Years 2 to 5.  We are a team of learners who are engaged, challenged and supported, and above all, learning is fun! Every morning students are greeted on arrival to the classroom and made to feel welcomed and valued. We love to start each day positively!

The Ashbrook School Values (RIICH) are central to all learning in Room 7.  We have fortnightly Values Goals where students are able to demonstrate their understanding of the specific value. Using the RIICH values, the students develop their own class treaty to support a positive working relationship in the class and the playground. 

Ashbrook Learning Progression
The Ashbrook Learning Progressions (ALP’s) guide the learning of each individual student in Reading, Writing and Maths. By supporting student agency, students are guided to set ALP goals, and are able to talk about their learning with increasing confidence. In Room 7 students are at the center of their learning.  They know their strengths and areas for development.

Each week we have two days where we focus on structured literacy where they are taught explicit skills and strategies in both reading and writing. 
Math's is also taught in small groups depending on student goals during these two days.  Health and P.E. are integrated into our daily program and this includes fitness, school-wide sports (Athletics, Rippa Rugby, Soccer, Netball, etc.), swimming, and mindfulness activities. Te Reo Maori is used within the daily classroom along with daily karakia, and new maori kupu are integrated into all learning and subjects.

Inquiry Learning and Integration
Inquiry is a key focus in our learning and each term teachers work collaboratively to design units of inquiry where they incorporate Science, Social Studies, Health, Art and Technology.  Our units of inquiry are focused around our local curriculum - connecting to people, places and events.  units give students opportunities to be curious, ask questions and be inquirers.
Again, student choice is a focus, and this supports student engagement in learning. Three days a week are dedicated to the units of inquiry and literacy and math is integrated into the units. For example, if they were writing a letter to a person, they would be taught the specific features of letter writing and therefore giving purpose to the learning. Students have a choice in ways they can share their learning with the class, school community and wider community.

What do students love?
In Room 7 students feel valued, supported, and above all, love coming to school!
We work hard, but we also have times we can be silly, have fun and laugh.  Learning should be fun!


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