Our Kapa Haka


Ashbrook School has been involved in a lot of Kapa Haka Festivals throughout the years.
We stood at the very first Delamere Cup Competition (held locally for the district schools) in 1961 and have been performing ever since.
It has been one of the biggest highlights in our schools history to perform at this festival as we get to showcase our Cultural talent in front of our Mataatua Rohe.

We have also experienced Mana Kuratahi Kapa Haka Nationals, where it has taken us around the motu to compete against the best Primary/Intermediate in Aotearoa.

School Haka


Kaea: Ko wai ra Ko wai ra
Roopu: Ko Papatewhai e ngunguru nei i au au aue haa
Ko Papatewhai e tangi nei i au au aue ha i a haha
Ka titiro au ki taku maunga teitei
Maungarangi e tū nei
Ka rere atu ngā Roimata ki te awa Ōtara e
Ka tae ki te Wharekaahu ki Ōhui ki Ōama
Ki te Kura o Papatewhai
Te Whenua Hauora o te Iwi
Ka puta ki te moana ki te motu Whakaari e
I au au aue ha

School Haka


Leader:  Who is this who is this?
Group: It is Papatewhai who prances sprightly.
It is Papatewhai echo cries
I gaze toward my erect Mountain
Maungarangi stand aloft
Your tears flow like the Otara River
Arriving in the valley of Wharekaahu, to Ohui, to Oama
Then to Ashbrook
Through the land of the people, rich in medicinal foliage
Finally to merge in the great ocean toward Whakaari.


Composed by R & RR Mitai for the Tamariki of Ashbrook School Papatewhai

Papatewhai: The original name given by local tribes for the area before preconstabulary settlement took place. The area was rich in medicine trees and plants.
Maungarangi: A mountain peak in the back of Te Waiti/Tutaetoko belonging to the people of Ngātingāhere.
Wharekaahu: the Ōtara valley
Ōhui and Ōama: The lower end of the calley near Magpie Park near Terere Marae.
Whakaari: Far-reaching to White Island.

Researched History as told by Hate Pirihi to Teriaki Amoamo, Pere Williams.

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